Sunday, April 10, 2005

Trying to keep busy

This has been a month, I spent 2 weeks visiting my mother and her husband. I prepared some interesting dishes for their nightly repast. Among them were:

Cincinnati Chilli, Which was very good and can be served on rice or spaghetti noodles!!!

Poached tilapia, although recipe calls for catfish I find Tilapia a much better fish.

Lasagna, I used a rice lasagna noodle. The noodle disintegrated into small pieces during the preparation, I used the pieces in layers and they held together well with the cheese and meat preparation.

Earlier I had made a vegetable lasagna that was OK, but it lacked savor. I had also made the pasta with a mechanical pasta machine. It was harder than I thought, but when the pastry started rolling out it came out great!

Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Lessons learned from this is either start with a higher oil heat because the heat drops dramatically when chicken is added which causes the inside to cook slower and the outside to grow darker. Or, use a cast iron pan that will retain heat better.

On the job hunt, nothing really new in my area. I am looking at taking some education opportunities in radiological repair or other areas.

Also, maybe a chance to spend 2 years in Indonesia managing a BMET shop. I will inquire about it on monday.

Otherwise, I will start looking out of state for a job (which their are many).


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