Monday, March 27, 2006

HUH? you would think it would be better!

Went for training on blood type and cross unit in Norcross. I learned a lot, but there was no service manual or other documentation until i asked for some kind of sheet so i did not have to keep asking the technician for the codes and sequence to enter each test sequence. Service manuals were coppied to CD rom then we were told they would be mailed to us!

So i learned lots with hands on, but we could of learned so much more with proper set up!

Great resteraunt experience, phound a pho place and slurped some pho. Ate at a caribean place, i want to go back! The Rattlesnake pasta was good, i suggested that they could have had some kind of reduction sauce with a sharp taste in a small glass to pour over pasta or made with alcohol like tequila for a quick shot and called it antivenom.

Dominicks was ok, the sausage was nice, but i like a firmer sausage while the sauce in the spagetti could have had more bite to it.

Got to a waffle house, order almost got screwed up and I did not get the grits i ordered. But all in all a good time!


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