Thursday, April 28, 2005

A little bit O'hope!!!

My interview with Aramark went well, I only lost the address and phone numbers when I got to orange county and spent an hour finding the information. They said they would let me know by Friday if I am being considered for a position. With my management background, they talked about putting me in a position as second under a manager.

I also got a call from Madigan Army Hospital, I will talk with them as a backup in case the Aramark job does not happen.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Does it get any better??

This was a fun week!! I went to Corvallis to hang with my brother Joe. We had some fun, especially watching the kids in front of the taco place they were getting a donation from for purchases done during certain times.

Friday, I went golfing at Salem golf course. I was doing ok, , even after not playing for a number of years. Although, I was missing a six iron a putter and a pitching wedge, but I had 3 9 irons!!

we (Rolf and joe and myself), had a quick lunch at Rudy's on the course then went home for a short rest. Afterwards we met mother and Hanna (joes wife) at Olive Garden. The food was good (except for mothers to salty food) and it was mostly fun.

We all then went to the Oregon Craft Brewfest, I tried beers from breweries I have not tried ( a couple I have), The only problem I had was that the people pouring the beer had no idea about their product, they were just volunteers. The information was even in front of them in the write up of the beer. We left a little earlier than I wanted to but I had blueberry cheese cake to sooth me!

I look forward to next week, I have an interview in Orange county with Aramark for Tri-Cities hospital in Oceanside California. I expect to get, so I am all ready starting to pack my stuff for the potential move.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Suzy Suzy Suzy Suzy Suzy Suzy Suzy Suzy Suzy

I love Suzy Price!!! She lives in Vista, California which is the land of magic lama's!!

Suzy works for Beckmam-Coulter and makes chemicals for world domonation!!!

She has 1 child going on 13 who will annoy you for a price!! Has 1 rabbit name fluffy, a cat named "stop bothering her" who recently had an encapsulated cyst removed and 1 chinchilla called "waiting for cat to eat"!!!

She wishes nothing more than to be a geyser at yellowstone!!!!

I love her very much and hope that one day she turns into a grey whale and lives in the ocean!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Trying to keep busy

This has been a month, I spent 2 weeks visiting my mother and her husband. I prepared some interesting dishes for their nightly repast. Among them were:

Cincinnati Chilli, Which was very good and can be served on rice or spaghetti noodles!!!

Poached tilapia, although recipe calls for catfish I find Tilapia a much better fish.

Lasagna, I used a rice lasagna noodle. The noodle disintegrated into small pieces during the preparation, I used the pieces in layers and they held together well with the cheese and meat preparation.

Earlier I had made a vegetable lasagna that was OK, but it lacked savor. I had also made the pasta with a mechanical pasta machine. It was harder than I thought, but when the pastry started rolling out it came out great!

Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Lessons learned from this is either start with a higher oil heat because the heat drops dramatically when chicken is added which causes the inside to cook slower and the outside to grow darker. Or, use a cast iron pan that will retain heat better.

On the job hunt, nothing really new in my area. I am looking at taking some education opportunities in radiological repair or other areas.

Also, maybe a chance to spend 2 years in Indonesia managing a BMET shop. I will inquire about it on monday.

Otherwise, I will start looking out of state for a job (which their are many).